Cracking the Code to Healing Thyself

Cracking the Code to Healing Thyself

Those that know me well know that I am pretty persistent and determined when I get an idea in my head, especially when it comes to the health and wellbeing of my mind, body and spirit. I get pretty passionate about sharing what I’ve learnt so that others can also benefit from my discoveries. However, it is entirely up to you to decide whether you’d like to take on board what has worked for me and give it a go, or have a little chuckle and carry on with your own ways. 


I’ve never been one to accept the masking of my ailments, by simply just ridding myself of the symptoms, instead I work towards understanding the cause so I can correct the root of the problem. 


Being healthy in mind, body and spirit involves a holistic approach. Of course we have to eat good food that’s right for our bodies, take vitamins, drink plenty of water, exercise, maintain good hygiene, and spend quality time doing what lights us up, but there’s also other ways of ‘being’ that I have discovered are amazingly powerful and I encourage you to consider including them in your daily living. 


For quite some time I have had a fascination with how the Universe works and have continually returned to studying this topic over and over to gain a better understanding of it. The Universe is way more organized and structured than I ever would have imagined. I became captivated by the fact that everything is made of vibrating energy, even those things we cannot see - our words, thoughts, emotions and music. I began to explore the frequencies of these vibrations and how different frequencies have a profound effect on the health of living things. This fascinating concept is beautifully demonstrated in Masuru Emoto’s Video Of Messages From Water through the study of water crystals. Emoto and his colleagues even prove how powerful kind and loving words, thoughts, and beautiful music are by showing how they create stunningly beautiful crystals. In comparison, harsh words create chaotic formations, or sometimes no crystals at all. Since we are made of an average of 60% water it makes sense then, to surround ourselves with loving positive vibrations by directing kind and loving words, thoughts, and beautiful music towards ourselves, our friends, loved ones and everyone we come in contact with. And why not direct them towards the water and food you consume so that you then hold these beautiful coherent positive formations within you.


I absorbed this idea and considered how the skin condition I was suffering with (psoriasis) was a community of chaotically arranged cells that needed stimulating at the right frequency to help them rearrange themselves into the coherent pattern of healthy cells. I decided to send my psoriasis supportive loving vibes, thanking it for alerting me to the fact that I needed to make some changes in my life and informing it it was now no longer needed. I treated this dis-ease just as I would a sick young child, or a puppy… with kindness and love. I decided to work with vibrations even further to assist in my healing and also adopted the habit of playing music that I found on Youtube, with the healing frequency of 432 Hz, all night long (my wonderful husband doesn’t mind one bit!). 


Bingo!  My psoriasis began healing at an amazingly fast speed - Wow, I was astounded! I do know however, that the success of this healing was not solely caused by the creation of my kind and loving thoughts and the music I played all night at the right frequency, but was also due to my discipline and dedication to the holistic approach I take. I still also accredit my regular Deep Belly Breathing Meditations, and a number of other practises that I now simply and naturally integrate into my everyday living, to have contributed to this brilliant healing. But it seems that the care and attention I put towards ensuring the right vibrational frequency surrounded me, helped to create the right environment for my body to be able to do what human bodies are designed to do…  And that is to heal. 


I love to share my practises of what has proven to heal my Mind, Body, and Spirit, in my online package Souls of the Universe. I invite you to contact me if you’d like to know more  ♡


Posted: Wednesday 15 June 2022