Mother Earth Is Showing Us The Way

Mother Earth Is Showing Us The Way

Mother Earth is showing us the way...


Earthquakes and volcanoes are erupting to cleanse our earth’s soils, washing away toxic chemicals from sprays and pollutants that have soaked deep into her. Perhaps she is also purging emotional trauma that has built up and has nestled deep within her body, the pain of how she has been treated due to lack of awareness within this cycle of human evolution. She is shaking off, and throwing out what no longer serves her. She is purging and cleansing for new beginnings. 


Floods are coming to cleanse the earth of all chemicals and toxins polluting waterways, and that are lying upon the surface of her body. The powerful force behind the bodies of water are sure to cleanse her thoroughly, leaving no residue behind.


Tornadoes and strong winds surge around her surface cleansing the air, whipping up the unwanted gunk that resides within her etheric body. She is moving in ways that allow the energies to flow where they are needed in order to serve her greatest good. 


Fires, the force of purification, are spreading rapidly, clearing and transforming ready for rebirth and resurrection. 


It is a time to cleanse, a time to reset to her pure form. She is gaining momentum in her spiral of ascension, releasing that which does not serve her and in turn her energies are becoming lighter.


She does not hold grudges for the ill treatment we have laid upon her. She loves us no less. She is our role model leading the way by carving a path for us to follow. As her energies are cleansed, becoming more pure and light, she is ascending and we must honour ourselves by cleansing our own systems and align our bodies with hers. 


Flush away toxic chemicals from within our own bodies with water, just as our beautiful Mother Earth is showing us, and then feed ourselves only food that is free of toxins, is nourishing and good. 


Move around and stretch our bodies in ways that feel good, allowing the energy to flow freely. Breathe deeply into all parts of your body, just as Mother Earth’s winds swirl around hers. 


Release emotions that are stored within ourselves that are no longer serving us. Allow them to pass through rather than burying them deep within. Forgive yourself and others for what you might consider to be unjust or wrong-doing. Maybe it was, but do this for yourself… free yourself from carrying the heaviness of these burdens. And, be aware of what thoughts are going through your mind. Allow the negative ones to wash away and invite in kind loving thoughts instead. 


We must do what we can to align with the earth's new energies - there is no other way. She is our Mother, our Earth, our home, our provider. She is a loving and powerful force, and she is showing us the way. 


Focus on your own heartspace for the truth. Breathe deeply into a soft belly and ask your heart if what I am saying aligns with your truth. 


Sit with Mother Earth. Feel her surface beneath your bare skin. Be in nature. Feel the loving energies that surround you. Notice the effects Mother Earth has on you. Is she calling you to follow her example? To prepare for what is to come by being strong, fit and healthy in mind, body and spirit?  ♥

 May be a doodle

Painting by Melanie ♥

Posted: Tuesday 13 February 2024