Using the Law of Attraction

Using the Law of Attraction

I am sitting here this morning, enjoying a cup of tea, realising how extremely exciting it is to be able to co-create this wonderful life I am living by working in with the laws of the universe. I love working with the flow of energy, and like many people I often have The Law of Attraction at the forefront of my mind. But in reality this law may not always work in our favour if we do not consider the other laws of the universe. There are at least 12 laws, some say 14.

Here are 12 of them with a very brief description:

  1. Law of divine oneness - we are all one - connected through creation.
  2. Law of vibration - everything vibrates at a certain frequency - nothing is ever still. 
  3. Law of correspondence - our subconscious patterns create our reality.
  4. Law of attraction - your vibration attracts people and things on a similar frequency.
  5. Law of inspired action - take action to move you closer to your dreams and goals.
  6. Law of perpetual transmutation of energy - everything is forever changing, small actions have profound effects.
  7. Law of cause and effect - any action causes a reaction.
  8. Law of compensation - you will reap what you sow.
  9. Law of polarity - everything has a polar opposite and we need to experience one to know how the other feels/works.
  10. Law of relativity - nothing is good or bad, it's how we view it that makes this assumption.
  11. Law of Rhythm - everyhing has rhythms and cycles e.g. seasons and the cycle of life.
  12. Law of Gender - yin and yang, feminine and masculine. We all need a balance.

If you've read my previous blog post you will know that I love change... in fact, I thrive on change! I often seek change even when the goings good! Having thought indepth about other people who may not be so accepting of change, I began to understand that this one of the driving forces within me, that made me want to help people become aligned with the universe. You see, one of the laws of the universe is The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy. This is where everything is constantly flowing, effectively making change inevitable. We can't always see this flow because it's at an atomic level, but if we stay in our comfort zone and do not continue to grow, learn and evolve, this flow within our environment causes us, in effect, to go backwards. This then causes people to feel uncomfortable and experience moods of low vibrations, and life becomes hard. 

All the while the Law of Attraction is always in action, and acts like a magnet. It pays us homage by guaranteeing we get what we ask for by returning to us a response on the same level as the vibes we send out. If you are sending out low vibes, they're going to come straight back at you. What an awful cycle!

To understand this a little more fully think about this concept: everything in our universe is made of energy. The form it takes depends on its vibrational frequency. This applies to everything, e.g. furniture, cars, houses, trees, people, and even our emotions. Energy can change forms but it cannot be destroyed. Water is a perfect example of energy changing forms. It can transform from ice, to liquid, to steam, to the humidity in the air, all depending on the frequency it's vibrating at. This concept is encompassed within The Law of Vibration. 

As I previously mentioned, our emotions are also energy and are not an exception to this law. Think about this... When you feel sad, hurt, and angry, you literally feel denser and heavier. In comparison, when you feel happy, grateful, and in love, you naturally feel lighter. So, if you want to experience more passion in your life, you might like to consider what makes you feel good and begin by taking steps in that direction (The Law of Inspired Action). Phew... There's a lot of interlinking laws to consider!

By now you'll be getting the idea of what I mean when I said that to get The Law of Attraction to work in our favour we need to also consider other universal laws as well. This is only a few of them, there are plenty more that influence our reality. I love figuring out these laws and get enormous pleasure guiding people to work successfully with them too, after all - there is no escaping them!

I encourage you to co-create with the universe, find your unique flow, and start living that life of passion that you are here on this earth to experience ♥ 

Posted: Tuesday 12 April 2022