Do You Consider Yourself to be Spiritual?

Do You Consider Yourself to be Spiritual?

It might come as a surprise to some people but we don’t just decide whether we are spiritual or not - we all have a spirit, it’s as simple as that! Let’s be clear about this, I am not referring to religion here, that’s a whole different discussion altogether!

Googles definition of ‘spirit’ is:

The non-physical part of a person which is the seat of emotions and character; the soul.

Googles definition of spiritual is:

Spiritual means relating to people’s thoughts and beliefs rather than to their bodies and physical surroundings.

I bet there’s a few people out there having an ‘aha’ moment right now – I know I did when I connected the dots on this one. Somehow, when I discovered that actually, I was a spiritual being, alongside every other person on this planet, I felt more complete. It was like adding the missing jigsaw piece. I felt more whole, and more empowered – so cool!

So, what difference does it make? I hear you ask. Well, we all know that we have to maintain our physical being to remain healthy, but to a degree, many of us have neglected our spiritual side, simply because we just weren’t aware that we had to care for that too. Some of us hadn’t made the connection to what it actually is and hadn’t been taught that it needs caring for, just as our physical being does. Unfortunately, this lack of attention shows up in society in many ways… by cultivating in long-term stress, it might add to the depths of despair when individuals are struggling with depression, and can even show up as a physical illness.

Now that I’ve learnt about this and am experiencing the profound differences caring for my spiritual side is making in my life, I want to encourage you to do it too if you aren’t already… after all, life is all about helping each other out isn’t it? Although maintaining our spirituality is all about individual choices, because we are all unique and have different desires, it is important that we recognise what these are for ourselves, what lights us up and makes us feel good, and that we make time in our lives to fit it in. What is it for you? Riding your bike? Gardening? Reading a book? Feeding the birds? Lying on the grass looking up at the sky? Whatever it is, do it!

Life is so busy, there’s so much to do! It feels like we are on a hamster wheel and we can’t get off! But I’m asking you now to please be kind to yourself… stop, breath, and be in the moment. Be Mindful. What is that? You might be asking. Take time to slow right down. Maybe try focusing on your breathing, give yourself a break and just let any thoughts pass by. Challenge yourself to do this for 20 minutes or so. Bring yourself into the moment, relieving yourself from any cyclic mentation’s, those thoughts that go around and around in your head, that hold you living in the past, or concerns of what the future might hold. Allow yourself to be in that moment of peacefulness and calm.

We all spend time each day cleansing and caring for our physical bodies by taking a shower and cleaning our teeth etc. Meditation is a form of internal cleansing and is something that needs to be done everyday also. For a great many of us, we didn’t know to do this. If this is something new to you, now that it’s been bought to your attention, I highly recommend you try it! There are many ways to meditate and people will find what suits them, but make a pact to start now, schedule some time in your day for it. Perhaps before going out anywhere in the morning, to focus your mind for the day ahead. See what difference it makes for you. Then try setting aside time at night to meditate, to cleanse your spiritual self again before sending yourself off for a peaceful sleep. Give it a go! What can you lose?

The world is awakening to a new paradigm, we are paying more attention to the part of ourselves that we cannot see, our intuition, our inner knowing, our gut feeling… This part of us is very real, as real as the nose on our face. Pay attention to it, care for it, nurture it. You will be way better off for it, and there is no better time to start than right now 😊

If this message has awakened something in you and you’d like to investigate more deeply how you could enhance the quality of your own life, PM me. I’d love to work with you. You deserve the very best health, wealth and happiness… don’t hold back

Posted: Monday 31 May 2021