Seek your inner knowing

Seek your inner knowing

It has become evident that our experiences, and society itself, has squashed desires within many of us to be our unique selves. We have succumbed to the pressures of doing what we have been led to believe is the right thing to do because that’s what people have told us is expected. We have tuned out of listening to our intuition, that quiet, knowing little voice within, and instead are favouring the voice of our ego’s. Why is it that we put ourselves through this? Trying to conform with whom we think knows best, when in fact, this very act is destroying who we truly are, who we are put on this earth to be.  

We need to slow down, take deep breaths, and listen to that inner voice we know as our intuition, that voice that is our true self expressing our uniqueness, to find comfort and peace in knowing that we are good enough… in fact, more than good enough! We need to push aside those niggling comments that the voice of our ego keeps throwing in, making us worry about what people are thinking of us. Why should we worry about those people? If they are seeking to tread on others, it shows that they indeed have their own insecurities of being unaccepting of themselves. Just the other day I heard a very wise man - Michael Beckwith say “When you grow and unfold, there are people that try to shoot you down. Mediocrity always attacks excellence.. Bless them and keep on stepping.”   

On the other hand, don’t you just love those people that feel free to express their true selves and are comfortable, and confident in their own skin. They have an air about them that is inspiring, and we are drawn to them. This is their high vibrating energy field that works like a magnet. I can think of people such as this that I am drawn to, who always have words of encouragement, and wisdom to share.   

Our universe is constantly revolving and evolving. It has a natural progression, and a force that encompassess our being, sweeping us along with its flow. As living entities on this earth we must progress too, because if we push against this current by becoming stagnant, life becomes hard and uncomfortable. It’s time to follow our inner callings and live life as our unique selves, give in to the pull of the universe.  

Our universe is always working it’s Law of Attraction by giving and receiving at the frequency that we emit - like attracts like, or put another way, what goes around comes around. Whether we know about it or not it’s happening to us at every moment. Every one of us gives off vibrational frequencies at levels that correspond with our emotions. Emotions such as shame and guilt are low vibrational frequencies, whereas love, peace and joy are at the highest end. Raise your frequency as high as you can by doing things, and thinking about things you love, make your heart swell! Be grateful for the abundance around you, and you will experience more abundance, be giving and you will receive in return, be loving and you will be loved… it’s a universal law! 

I feel so privileged to be working with the most amazing people, who are stepping into themselves, trusting and believing in their own uniqueness, working towards putting themselves out there to share themselves with the world. Every person is different and has something special to share. There is no reason to compete against one another, because to do so is impossible when uniqueness just doesn’t compare. There is enough room in this world for everyone to shine!  

I am so proud of these divine people who are discovering the magnificence that they already have within, and are joining with the powers of the universe, to follow their flow. 


Posted: Wednesday 28 April 2021