Souls of the Universe

Souls of the Universe

This Is A 33 Day Course Guiding You In Creating Mind-Body-Spirit Harmony, Laying The Foundations For Your Journey Of Finding Your Inner Magnificence. 

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Within this 33-day course, I will guide you in creating mind-body-spirit harmony allowing you to obtain peace and happiness, effectively laying the foundations for your journey to find inner magnificence.

I believe that the way forward in life, to help individuals and communities thrive, is through the interlacing of science and spirituality. To be whole as a human being we cannot deny either from our existence.

I provide you with information and strategies that work with your subtle energy body and unique spirit to enhance your well-being, aid physical and emotional healing, and naturally develop your ability to cope with the stresses of everyday living.

I share my experiences and beliefs involving the spiritual realm, whom I believe are available to support us all throughout our days.

An awareness of how powerful your personal energy is is taught within this online program, and practise strategies using your thoughts, words, senses and emotions (the mechanics of The Law of Attraction) are an integrated component of this package... Even right down to the number of days this package resides over, by harmonizing with Nikola Tesla's theory of the 3,6,9 code.

Time management and goal setting are blended in throughout the entirety of this program to help you gain clarity and a sense of control.

The 3 Awakening Codes:

  1. Embrace your Uniqueness
  2. Nurture Your Spiritual Energy, Including Your Chakras and Your Subtle Energy Body
  3. Work with the Laws of the Universe - Predominantly The Law of Attraction

These 3 concepts I have labeled as the Awakening Codes because effectively, that is exactly what they are. People around the world are awakening to them. I go into this in more detail within this Souls of the Universe online program. 

This program is designed so that you develop an understanding of a concept and are then able to build on that knowledge in the following lessons. It is more effective following the order it is delivered in rather than jumping around.

Each day you are presented with a short video lesson, accompanied by a PDF of the slides with space for note-taking, and suggested tasks to ensure you are aware of how you can easily integrate the learning into your day. These tasks are simple and are designed to become part of your natural 'being'. This will enable you to live life being able to deal with challenges and excel when achieving your own desires. There are bonus guided meditations throughout to add further peace and calmness to your life.

Who should take this course?

This course is designed for anyone seeking to learn a way of 'being' that creates inner peace and happiness in their everyday life. This might be because you're living a busy, stressful one, you want to learn to love yourself and others to a deeper level, or you feel like there's something missing, and want to learn more about what I believe and have experienced within the wider spiritual realm. This will perhaps broaden your awareness, enabling you to make choices that sit within your personal beliefs and boundaries.

Your commitment to embracing your uniqueness, and caring for your personal well-being, will contribute to raising the collective consciousness of our world.

If there are available sessions, you may choose to upgrade your package to receive Coaching from Melanie. These sessions focus on achieving your souls desires by drawing on your unique strengths and overcoming any negative blocks that are holding you back. Melanie will teach you how to listen to your intuition and find your unique purpose, which in turn raises your vibrational frequency, and you will naturally be happy and have a sense of self fulfillment. The key really, is to 'Look Within'. 

* Please check availability of Coaching Sessions by contacting Melanie before upgrading your package. 

  • The Coaching Component consists of 5 meetings @ $150.00 each. This arrangement is flexible depending on your individual requirements and is to be agreed upon before any payment is made. 

A holistic view of your life is considered when working towards goals to fully appreciate all aspects that contribute to a successful outcome.

Included are weekly online forms for Coached Clients to complete. When these are submitted they are delivered straight to Melanie, this enables her to understand exactly where you are at on your journey. Melanie is then able to fully support you through focused Zoom Meetings, Phone Calls and Emails to create plans and overcome obstacles that arise.  Non Coached clients may view these forms to enhance their learning journey, without submission and follow-up support.

On completion of these Coaching Sessions you are welcome to extend your Coaching experience by making arrangements with Melanie. The membership component of this course does not end, you will have this resource to dip in and out of as often as you please. 

For further details and to assess whether this course is right for you, please watch the webinar by clicking on the 'Learn More' button in the Souls of the Universe tab, or contact Melanie directly.  


It's beautifully presented, you are gorgeous,  you are the epitome of calm and centred and groundedness and all things great for us humans. The content is incredible. Your videos are amazing and so easy to listen to and absorb and learn from. It's fresh,  it's natural, and above all - it's inspiring!

Truly - you've done amazing work - and I can't wait for everyone that rolls through your doors open up to a world of true, true gorgeousness, and release all beliefs that no longer serve them!