The Laws of the Universe Hold the Answers  

Those that know me well know that I am pretty persistent and determined when I get an idea in my head, especially when it comes to the health and wellbeing of my mind, body and spirit.

I’ve never been one to accept the masking of my ailments, by simply just ridding myself of the symptoms, instead I work towards understanding the cause so I can correct the root of the problem. 

Being healthy in mind, body and spirit involves a holistic approach. Of course we have to eat good food that’s right for our unique bodies, take vitamins, drink plenty of water, exercise, maintain good hygiene, and spend quality time doing what lights us up, but there’s also other ways of ‘being’ that I have discovered are amazingly powerful. 

For quite some time I have had a fascination with how the Universe works and have continually returned to studying this topic over and over to gain a better understanding of it. The Universe is way more organized and structured than I ever would have imagined. I became captivated by the fact that everything is made of vibrating energy, even those things we cannot see, e.g. our words, thoughts, emotions and music. I began to explore the frequencies of these vibrations and how different frequencies have a profound effect on the health of living things.

During my adult life I have battled with many symtoms such as migraines, ocular migraines, digestive issues, skin problems, and more... all of which were trying to alert me to underlying causes. My determined nature drove me to get to the bottom of each and every ailment. I have listened to my body and have learnt to work with nature by applying the laws of the Universe to my everyday living.

My discipline and dedication to the holistic approach has helped me to create the right environment for my body to be able to do what human bodies are designed to do…  And that is to heal.

I do what lights me up

I love to tend to my pot plants, spend time with my family, go for walks in nature, and exercise on my treadmill while listening to audio books, podcasts, and online sources to educate myself, on topics of interest. I also love to swim, spend time with friends, read books, feed the birds and meditate. Making time to do what you love feeds your soul and tells the universe you are worth it. The more you appreciate yourself, the more other people will too!

Practice Gratitude

Every night I write in my gratitude diary about anything that I want to pay a special mention to about my day. Once I start the ideas begin to flow and before I know it my page is filled up, and so is my heart. Showing gratitude is one of the best things to do to lift your vibrational frequency, and if you do it just before going off to sleep, you're sure to wake up feeling great, and noticing many more things to be grateful for. 

I listen to my intuition

I listen to, and trust, my inner voice that tells me what the right thing to do is. It's that feeling that either lifts my spirit or gives me that sinking feeling. I don't get it right every time, but that's because I'm human and I'm not perfect! Listening to your intuition often takes you on a journey that is totally unexpected. It takes you away from an ego based life, doing what you think would impress other people, to one that lights you up. Intuitive feelings are very subtle and are very persistent, they hang around until you act on them, so the sooner you act on them the better life will be.

Listening to your intuition is tapping into your spiritual side. For quite a long time during my life I questioned my spirtuality and what it really meant? Although I always had an underlying belief that there was something very real and very powerful about it, I felt like I still needed some kind of proof, and direction on how to tap into it. To satisfy this persistent niggle that urged me to find out more I delved into studying the science behind the laws of the Universe, and our dual qualities of being both physical and spiritual beings, to find answers. The more informed I became the more I discovered that spirituality is undeniably a very real part of who we are, and to deny it would be like denying a body part, such as your very own heart. 

Quantum Physics and The Law of Attraction

I love learning about quantum physics and have a Diploma in The Law of Attraction. I have learnt the effects our thoughts, emotions and actions have on our own lives, and the ripple effect they have on other people in our world. I have achieved a certificate in Duality through Mindvalley. This course taught me about our energy and how to live using both our physical and spiritual sides. The more I learn the deeper my understanding becomes about how energy and the spiritual elements of ourselves are one and the same. I can now resonate with Albert Einstein's quote "The more I study science, the more I believe in God." 

The Law of Attraction works for us all, whether we are aware of it or not, so don't you think it's better to know about it and use it to enhance your life? It's not a new theory, in fact it's centuries old and has been used by many ancient cultures. But sadly, knowledge of it's existence was lost along the way. It has now resurfaced and is being used by millions of people around the world. I would like to share a quick recount of my own life and how it's worked for me, even though I didn't even know it was happening...

When I was a teenager I desperately wanted to leave school. For me to get myself out of school I had to do as my mother stipulated and work as a customer services officer in a bank, a job she had organised for me. I was to work in this office situation to set me up with experience that I could fall back on in the future if I ever needed to.

It wasn’t long before my friends and I decided we wanted to travel so we saved up and off we went to the other side of the world. We had an absolute blast! I worked in a bar and did data entry jobs to earn enough money to travel more and have fun… And loads of fun we had! One day my friend, who was an absolute rugby fanatic decided she’d like to go to South Africa to watch the 1995 Rugby World Cup, so together with another friend of ours, we did just that!

During my time away I began missing my boyfriend that I’d left behind in NZ, he’d had no inclination to travel, and had stayed at home. I decided that I was ready for the committed relationship that he had proposed before I had left. I went home and we reunited. We are still together today and have two wonderful children.

I had some fun jobs in our early years of marriage. One being in a Garden Centre, followed by private gardening, then I became a self-employed Garden Designer. At the time I was a private gardener, my boss offered me a house because she wanted to shift it off her section and re-build another house where it sat. I said I’d love it but didn’t have anywhere to put it. She replied with…”You can choose a patch along the road frontage here on our farm if you like. I know you’ve always wanted a house by a stream so you could put it down the end there by the creek." This was an offer I could not pass up on because it actually was my dream to have a character home with park-like gardens, beside a stream in a country setting. So, this is exactly what we did!

My passion for children took over as my own little ones grew. I loved taking them to Playcentre, then became a parent helper at school when they came of age, this eventuated to a Teacher Aide position. The Principal at my current school suggested I become a teacher. It was around this time that my husband developed cancer, so I decided that I needed to take up this challenge. This was a difficult time, but my husband decided that he was not going to be succumbed by cancer and beat that horrid disease, and I ended up graduating as a teacher when I was 40 years old!

I got my first teaching job through word of mouth. This position was a wee way away from where I lived but to get experience, I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. As it turned out it was an amazing school with amazing colleagues and students. I loved it! After a few years I thought I’d try getting a job closer to home. My boss advised me that I really needed three years’ experience as a teacher before I’d be ready for my next position. It had only been two years but I decided to give it a go. I went into my interview with doubt in my mind, and I fully believe it was because of this that I didn’t get the job. It was the following year I tried again with way more confidence and got the position I applied for. Just over another year down the track a job came up at another nearby school that’s description fit everything I’d been training for. It was like the advert had been written for me. Even though I was torn between where I was and this new position, I decided to go for it.  And I got it!

It was while I worked in this job that I got talking to a new friend of mine. I told her that throughout life things just happened for me as I grew, learnt more about myself, and changed my mind about what I wanted according to what stage of life I was at. She turned to me, and said this… “It sounds to me as if you have gotten everything that you have wanted!” I was quite astounded by this comment but after thinking about it, I realised that she was right! It wasn’t until more recently when I started studying the Law of Attraction that it became evident that I actually had. I can see now however, that sometimes things in my life had not panned out exactly as I would have liked because I had doubts, didn’t have perfect clarity in my own mind of exactly what it was that I wanted, or simply, just expected the worst! So be careful, the LOA does not distinquish between positive and negative, it just gives you what you ask for. Ultimately, during those times, I wasn't being brave enough to be my true authentic self and I didn’t know what I know now about how the law of Attraction works.

 The five basic processes behind the Law of Attraction are: Ask, Believe, Feel, Action, Receive

I soon realised that The Law of Attraction wasn't entirely the sole law responsible for living the life I desired. Even though it is a popular one and probably one of the more well kown ones, I discovered it was actually a combination of many laws, that contribute to the changes in our lives. This peaked my interest even more and so I decided to find out what they were, and how they effected us. I love figuring out these laws and get enormous pleasure guiding people to work successfully with them too, after all - there is no escaping them!

There are at least 12 laws, some say 14. Here are 12 of them with a very brief description: 

Law of Divine Oneness - we are all one - connected through creation.
Law of Vibration - everything vibrates at a certain frequency - nothing is ever still. 
Law of Correspondence - our subconscious patterns create our reality.
Law of Attraction - your vibration attracts people and things on a similar frequency.
Law of Inspired Action - take action to move you closer to your dreams and goals.
Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy - everything is forever changing, small actions have profound effects.
Law of Cause and Effect - any action causes a reaction.
Law of Compensation - you will reap what you sow.
Law of Polarity - everything has a polar opposite and we need to experience one to know how the other feels/works.
Law of Relativity - nothing is good or bad, it's how we view it that makes this assumption.
Law of Rhythm - everyhing has rhythms and cycles e.g. seasons and the cycle of life.
Law of Gender - yin and yang, feminine and masculine. We all need a balance.

I feel so passionate about what I've learnt and am so excited about how this knowledge is changing my life, that I want to share it with others. I want to help people recognize how unique and special they are, and how they can live a fulfilling life doing what lights them up. 

I am wholeheartedly stepping into myself, revealing the true me and following my flow... 
which is to help you follow yours!

Energy flows where your attention goes - Focus on the good stuff!


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