My purpose as a Spiritual Life Coach

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My purpose as a Spiritual Life Coach

Help you to identify the fulfilment of your career path

Guide you in developing more meaningful connections with others

Help you to find inner peace and happiness with who you are

Guide you in identifying your purpose in life

Help you to deal with stress and anxiety

Inspire you to be confident and  determined when dealing with health concerns


The alignment of our mind, body and spirit is essential to our health and well-being

This holistic approach not only includes eating food that is right for our unique bodies, drinking plenty of water, exercising, maintaining good hygiene, and spending quality time doing what lights us up, but there are also other ways of ‘being’ that are amazingly powerful.  

Human bodies are extraordinarily sophisticated machines and I am passionate about guiding people to provide the best healing environment they can for their body, to promote great health and well-being though aligning their mind, body, and spirit.


Consultations are in-person or via zoom 

They may be one off, or on-going for a period of time depending on the individuals needs and goals.  

I work alongside people in a focused way to accommodate their individual needs targeting specific mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual symptoms by...

  • developing breathing techniques, 
  • facilitating visualization meditations, 
  • guidance in processing emotions, 
  • suggesting movement activities,
  • food recommendations,
  • recognising unhelpful thought patterns and beliefs, and provide guidance in re-creating  powerfully beneficial ones,
  • teaching subtle energy body cleansing, repair, and maintenance techniques.


Aside From Eating Healthy Foods And Exercising, Here Are Some Recommended Daily Practices


Practice Gratitude

  • Keep a daily gratitude diary about anything that you want to pay a special mention to about your day. 

Once you start the ideas will begin to flow and before you know it your page will fill up, and so will your heart. Showing gratitude is one of the best things to do to lift your vibrational frequency, and if you do it just before going off to sleep, you're sure to wake up feeling great, and noticing many more things to be grateful for. 

Notice What You Are Thinking

Our words and thoughts are made of energy, and science has proven that they do play a part in creating our reality, so it makes sense to take charge of our minds instead of allowing it to take charge of us. This can be challenging as our emotions, physical bodies, and our environment are all influencing they way we think and speak. Working on raising our levels of consciousness by becoming aware of what's happening around us and changing our perception is vital for healing. 



Normally, when we are born we are naturally deep belly breathers. As we grow into adulthood it is not uncommon to become a shallow breather. If your shoulders and chest are rising up you are shallow breathing which is fueling the fight, flight or freeze response. Instead, as you breathe in allow your belly to swell up, then allow your lungs to fill up right to the top. Benefits of regular practise of deep belly breathing are: 

  • Relaxes you
  • Takes you into the moment
  • Feeds oxygen to your brain and all organs through the bloodstream
  • Helps manage anxiety and stress
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Deepens your awareness 
  • You become more focused and have a clearer mind
  • Improves stamina
  • Improves immunity
  • Can improve brain structure and neuroplasticity
  • It is your life force

Soft Belly Breathing Meditation


Listen to Your Intuition

Listen to, and trust your inner voice that is telling you what the right thing to do is. Often people notice it as that feeling that either lifts your spirit or gives you that sinking feeling. You might even hear a voice speaking to you from inside your head. Listening to your intuition often takes you on a journey that is totally unexpected. It takes you away from an ego based life, doing what you think would impress other people, to one that lights you up. Intuitive feelings are very subtle and are very persistent, they hang around until you act on them, so the sooner you act on them the better life will be.


Humans operate way more efficiently when time is taken to incorporate a meditative practise into their daily routine. There are many types of meditation which are designed to reach different outcomes. Meditation is not always just about learning to clear your mind. There is something for everyone, you just have to decide what your intention or purpose is and find a method that suits.


Examples of things to do that might light you up...

  • tend to pot plants
  • spend time with family, friends, and animals
  • go for walks in nature
  • exercise
  • reading or listening to audio books, podcasts, and online sources for enjoyment or education
  • swim
  • do arts and/or crafts
  • feed birds
  • meditate

Making time to do what you love feeds your soul and tells the universe you are worth it. The more you appreciate yourself the more other people will too!

The Laws of the Universe are always at play...

The Law of Attraction isn't entirely the sole law responsible for living the life you desire. Even though it is a popular one and probably one of the more well known ones, it is actually a combination of many laws that contribute to the changes in our lives - there is no escaping them!

There are at least 12 laws, some say 14. Here are 12 of them with a very brief description: 

Law of Divine Oneness - we are all one, connected through creation.

Law of Vibration - everything vibrates at a certain frequency, nothing is ever still.

Law of correspondence - our subconscious patterns create our reality. 

Law of Attraction - your vibration attracts people and things on a similar frequency using the 5 basic processes: Ask, Believe, Feel, Action, Receive.

Law of Inspired Action - take action to move you closer to your dreams and goals. 

Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy - everything is forever changing, small actions have profound effects. 

Law of Cause and Effect - any action causes a reaction. 

Law of Compensation - you will reap what you sow. 

Law of Polarity - everything has a polar opposite and we need to experience one to know how the other feels/works. 

Law of Relativity - nothing is good or bad, it's how we view it that makes this assumption. 

Law of Rhythm - everything has rhythms and cycles e.g. seasons and the cycle of life. 

Law of Gender - yin and yang, feminine and masculine. We all need a balance. 

Energy flows where your attention goes - Focus on the good stuff!


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