Spiritual Wellbeing Coaching - Coming Home to The Heart

Spiritual Wellbeing Coaching - Coming Home to The Heart

Coaching Services @ $1800.00 NZD 

(12 x Coaching Sessions).


NZ$ 1,800.00
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This package includes 12 x 60 minute sessions. 

Coaching sessions focus on achieving your souls desires by drawing on your unique strengths and overcoming any negative blocks that are holding you back. I will teach you how to listen to your intuition and find your unique purpose, which in turn raises your vibrational frequency, and you will naturally be happy and have a sense of self fulfillment. The key really is to 'Look Within'.

A holistic view of your life is considered when working towards goals to fully appreciate all aspects that contribute to a successful outcome.

Often people need to have their strengths made obvious to them because they are unaware of what they actually are. This is because their strengths are a natural part of their being and they don't see them as anything special until someone else points it out. 

Your Spiritual Wellbeing is wholeheartedly nurtured along the way by being given strategies to:

  • Embrace your Uniqueness
  • Nurture Your Spritual Energy
  • Work with the Laws of the Universe.

During the coaching period you are fully supported through Zoom Meetings, Phone Calls and Emails to create plans and overcome obstacles that arise.  

On completion of these 3 Coaching Sessions you are welcome to extend your coaching experience by making arrangements with me. 

** I guide you in creating mind-body-spirit harmony, effectively laying the foundations for your journey of finding your inner magnificence alongside Personal Coaching within the Souls of the Universe Online Course. For further details please read the information under that product, watch the webinar by clicking on the learn more button in the Souls of the Universe tab, or contact me. 

I was struggling... What am I doing? Where am I going? Wondering how to go about “fixing” my life....  Melanie Dragovich’s incredible knowledge, calmness, inspiration and unwavering support made such a huge difference to me in such a short amount of time.... Teaching and guiding me HOW to totally change my life for the absolute better!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             - Lisa, Kaeo (NZ)

I highly recommend Melanie as a life coach. To be honest, I never really thought I needed a life coach, I was just getting on with my life and doing as I had normally done. I knew I wasn’t 100% happy, but life was good! Melanie and I got talking and I decided to give her life coaching sessions a go, what did I have to lose? I can say with my hand on my heart that after even my first session with Melanie I felt lifted. Melanie has taught me so much about myself, and my self esteem and belief in myself has improved so much. She has taught me that there is room in the world for everyone’s dreams to become reality. I am happier than I have ever been working towards achieving my goals and I am excited for what is to come! If you are thinking about working with Melanie, do it! You won’t regret it! ðŸ¤Â

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             - Amy, Te Awamutu (NZ)