Take the Leap and Tackle Change Head On!

Take the Leap and Tackle Change Head On!

I sat with someone recently who spoke to me on a soul level. She made me come to the realization that I deal with change in a calm manner, with a positive attitude, and with a grounded sense of security - even more than that - I often relish the challenge. She expressed with firmness that it was in me, it was who I am! 


She is so right… I love change!


She then went on to help me deepen my understanding that it isn’t this way for everyone. Of course I knew that many people didn’t like change but I hadn’t really paid much attention to the actual depth of their fears. 


This particular part of our discussion lingered in my mind for quite some time afterwards. Having deeply considered this concept it became more clear to me the level of vulnerability people feel when faced with certain challenges. Even though I am empathetic to the anxiety that people hold and I do nurture it, I also look at it from another angle… I love seeing people make the changes that are required for them to get to their happy place, where they are able to reach those heights of self fulfillment. Changes are crucial to get people to where their heart wants to take them, and I know with 100% certainty that a person is capable of achieving their goals if it is one that their own heart desires - not driven by one's ego or society's expectations! 


The feeling of elation when making changes and achieving success from it is phenomenal! It gives me great pleasure seeing the look on the faces, and feeling the excited vibes of others, when they too step out of their comfort zones to do something a little bit scary or challenging, and are rewarded with that rush of pride and exhilaration. 


I love the thought that my passion and skills when dealing with change is something I can offer to others to support them through challenging times in their lives… Isn’t it funny how quite often we don’t even consider these things about ourselves to be strengths until someone else points it out!


Posted: Monday 21 February 2022